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We are excited to share this data about our community with you. The first step in making our community a better place, is learning about the areas in which we excel and those that need improvement. It’s our hope that the information presented within this website will not only educate you, but inspire you to make a difference. 


Communities always strive to be better - whether that be healthier, safer, or more efficiently meeting the needs of its residents. The Fond du Lac Area United Way, Fond du Lac Area Foundation and Envision Greater Fond du Lac teamed up to assess the health of our community in the five areas below. This website provides a benchmark for Fond du Lac County in reference to other comparative communities. Our community belongs to each one of us and creating a healthier one starts with us.

Indicator Categories

We've identified five areas that comprise a healthy, successful community. Within each area, we've selected indicators that measure our progress against other similar-sized communities throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest. Each of these indicators was carefully chosen and is important to the vitality of our community.




Health & Wellness

Quality of Life

Recent Indicator Updates

Retail & Restaurant

Understanding the graph: What is leakage and surplus? It is a measure of the relationship between supply and demand. The units of measurement range from +100 (total leakage, a leakage of opportunity outside the trade area) to -100 (total surplus, a surplus of opportunity where others are drawn in from outside the area). Findings: Fond […]

Poor Mental Health Days

Understanding the graph: The graph depicts the number of poor mental health days (in the past 30 days). Note that the data available must compare 2 years rather than 3 years, therefore comparing between 2014 and 2016. Findings: Fond du Lac County ranks in the middle in regards to poor mental health days. When looking […]

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