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Understanding the graph:

  • The measurement used, MPI, stands for Market Potential Index. An index measures a certain area against the national average, 100, which acan be seen with the black dashed line. In this case, the MPI measures the relative likelihood of the adults or household in the area to exhibit certain consumer behavior or purchasing patterns. A value greater than 100 indicates higher tendencies where values below 100 indicate lower tendencies, all in comparison with the national average.


  • Fond du Lac County (WI) shows greater tendencies to dine out in the last 12 months (MPI=102) and play a musical instrument in the last 12 months (MPI=103). Notably, Fond du Lac County (WI) had the highest MPI out of all the comparative counties for playing a musical instrument in the last 12 months.


Source: Esri

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